Academy Deer Fence

Long Lasting, Galvanized Steel Core Wire, then black vinyl PVC coated

Academy Fence Deer Fence Deer fence 8 foot 2 x 4 black, deer fence 1 1/2 x 4 black, deer fence graduated fixed knot. We offer cost effective ways to provide protection from deer damage. Our fence is nearly invisible after installation, and protects farms, nurseries, gardens and property perimeters.
We offer a wide selection of types, mesh sizes, gauges, heights up to 8ft (96in high), and colors (including black). These are all heavy duty, long lasting, galvanized steel core alternatives to plastic 'poly' netting. Each is designed to afford the ultimate in durability and longevity. The wire is all hot dipped zinc / galvanized coated steel wire, prior to being pvc vinyl coated, making it extremely corrosion and rust resistant. Look over our product lines and click on any for more detailed information and pricing.
Available Choices: All black vinyl PVC coated, over a galvanized steel core
96in High
2in x 4in Black
96in High meets pool code
1 1/2in x 4in Black
90in High
1in Black Hex
48in - 96in High Graduated Fixed Knot
96in 2in x 4in Deer Fence
Pool Code 96in 1 1/2in x 4in Deer Fence
90in 1in Black Hex Deer Fence
96in Graduated Fixed Knot Deer Fence
72in High
2in x 4in Black
72in High meets pool code
1 1/2in x 4in Black
U channel
Knock in Post
72in 2in x 4in Deer Fence
Pool Code 1 1/2in x 4in 14 Gauge Vinyl Coated Welded Wire
U channel Knock In Post

Deer Fencing
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Purchase:
WW241410096CL 96in x 100ft 2in x 4in 14 Gauge 135.00 $250.00
WW1541410096CL 96in x 100ft 1-1/2in x 4in 14 Gauge 165.00 $275.00
WW12010090BK 90in x 100ft 1in 20 Gauge 96.00 $210.00
WW1233096BK 96in x 330ft Graduated Mesh 395.00 $720.00
WW241410072CL 72in x 100ft 2in x 4in 14 Gauge 98.00 $180.00
WW1541410072CL 72in x 100ft 1-1/2in x 4in 14 Gauge 125.00 $225.00
Knock-In Posts, U-Channel with fastening clips
Knock - In Posts
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Purchase:
WWHD125 5ft H 4.60 $6.90
WWHD126 6ft H 5.50 $8.06
WWHD127 7ft H 6.40 $9.69
WWHD128 8ft H 8.00 $11.01
WWHD106 10ft 6in H 10.50 $15.07
Vinyl Black Fence Piping 1 5/8in Outside Diameter
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Purchase:
PCV065155 1 5/8in x 5ft 5.00 $10.00
PCV065156 1 5/8in x 6ft 6.00 $12.00
PCV065157 1 5/8in x 7ft 7.00 $14.00
PCV065158 1 5/8in x 8ft 8.00 $16.00
PCV06515106 1 5/8in x 10ft 6in 11.00 $21.00
Round Non Tapered Cedar Wood Fence Post
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Color:
AFCRW5596 5in x 96in 28.00 $31.00 Cedar
AFCRW55108 5in x 108in 21.00 $33.00 Cedar
AFCRW55120 5in x 120in 35.00 $35.00 Cedar
AFCRW55144 5in x 144in 42.00 $40.00 Cedar
Bazooka Knock-In Post Driver
Bazooka Knock-In Post Driver
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Color: Purchase:
WWFBPDR up to 2.5in 25.00 $45.00 Red

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LookDeer Fence 1 Page Brochure Welded Wire Sample

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