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Pool Fence - Laws, Ethics, Codes, and Choices

Fences for pools
Info, Ethics, Codes and Choices

When installing a fence to enclose a pool, pool owners must consider child safety for sound ethical and legal reasons. Most local codes are based on the federal "boca code" for pool fencing. Desirably, the basic ethical premise of the pool codes is to stipulate requirements in the design specifications to prevent a child from entering the pool area.

Althought complex detailed, the 'spirit of the law' can usually be summed up in 3 basic objectives: The fence is to be...

Unclimbable from outside Pool Code Accessories
Self closing gate (automatic)
Child proof gate latch
Academy Fence Company and most fence companies offer numerous options to enclose the perimeter of a pool which provides child safety and meet legal pool code requirements.
What fences are pool code?
Here are the things to look for when choosing a pool code fence. These are general guidelines. We recommend you check with your town to see if any further actions are required.
Chain Link Fence Vinyl PVC Fence

4', 5', 6' with 1 1/4" mesh (small)
4', 5', 6' with regular 2" mesh and privacy slats
Self closing gate and child latch are required.

Most styles in 4', 5', 6'
Look for the pool code icon icon in our vinyl fence gallary.

Wood Fence Aluminum Fence

4', 5', 6' spaced picket fence with 1-3/4" space
4', 5', 6' solid board fence
4', 5', 6' board on board fence with 1-3/4" space

Ovation (48"), Bravo & Symphony (52")
200, 202 series (54" High or higher)
See this list of Jerith fences that meet pool code.

Where do I go from here?

Now that you have a good idea of what to look for, go ahead and browse our fences online. We provided some links for you.

Boca Code

The federal government legislated a group of guidelines by which pool owners must legally adhere to ensure public safety.

Locally, municipalities utilize the 'boca code' when furnishing the required approvals in the form at a municipal permit, authorizing the installation of a fence. Additionally, any specific municipality may further stipulate additional local imperatives. Therefore, it is best to know the federal guidelines and more importantly consult you local municipal building code official to determine your specific requirement.
Installation Guide
(Town Specific Info)
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