Hardware Cloth / Wire Mesh

1/8in x 1/8in Galvanized Wire Fabric

Hardwire Cloth

Our 1/8in Hardware Cloth is a welded steel wire mesh. It's zinc coating provides maximum protection and extra durability. with small 1/8in small openings this Hardware cloth has an many applications around the home, business or farm.
Hardware Cloth Welded Wire Fence


Attach to:
  • Easy to Install
  • Weather Proof
  • Attractive Durable
  • Rust-Resistant
  • Long Lasting
  • Post and Rail Fence
  • Stakes
  • Trees and Shrubs
1/8" x 1/8", 27 Gauge - Galvanized Wire Fabric
Galvanized Hardwire Cloth Wire Fabric
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Purchase:
WW182710024 24in x 100ft 1/8in x 1/8in 27 Gauge 35.00 $108.00
WW182710030 30in x 100ft 1/8n x 1/8in 27 Gauge 44.00 $135.00
WW182710036 36in x 100ft 1/8in x 1/8in 27 Gauge 49.00 $144.40
WW182710048 48in x 100ft 1/8in x 1/8in 27 Gauge 69.00 $198.00
Knock-In Posts, U-Channel with fastening clips
Knock - In Posts
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Purchase:
WWHD125 5ft H 4.60 $6.90
WWHD126 6ft H 5.50 $8.06
WWHD127 7ft H 6.40 $9.69
WWHD128 8ft H 8.00 $11.01
WWHD106 10ft 6in H 10.50 $15.07
Round Fence Pipe, Black Vinyl Coated Galvanized Steel Piping 1 5/8in
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Purchase:
PCV065155 1 5/8in x 5ft 5.00 $10.00
PCV065156 1 5/8in x 6ft 6.00 $12.00
PCV065157 1 5/8in x 7ft 7.00 $14.00
PCV065158 1 5/8in x 8ft 8.00 $16.00
PCV06515106 1 5/8in x 10ft 6in 11.00 $21.00
Round Non Tappered Cedar Wood Fence Post
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Color:
AFCRW5572 5in x 108in 21.00 $33.00 Cedar
AFCRW5596 5in x 96in 28.00 $31.00 Cedar
AFCRW55120 5in x 120in 35.00 $35.00 Cedar
AFCRW55144 5in x 144in 42.00 $40.00 Cedar
Bazooka Knock-In Post Driver
Bazooka Knock-In Post Driver
Item#: Size: Weight: Price: Color: Purchase:
WWFBPDR up to 2.5in 25.00 $45.00 Red

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