Specialty Wire

Academy Welded Wire Manufacturing offers a huge line of premium specialty wire mesh fence and hardware cloth products in many sizes, gauges and heavy duty weights. Manufactured with hot dipped galvanized black wire and then vinyl pvc coated in different colors. Most commonly used for specific industries like zoos, aviary sanctuaries, livestock, marine cages(such as lobster and crab traps) and animal pest control. Truly the best in quality that the industry has to offer..
1/2in x 1/2in 16 Ga CoreVinyl Coated
12in x 100ftWW5510012BK
18in x 100ftWW5510018BK
24in x 100ftWW5510024BK
48in x 100ftWW5510048BK
1/2in x 1in 16 Ga Core Vinyl Coated
12in x 100ftWW5110012BK
18in x 100ftWW5110018BK
24in x 100ftWW5110024BK
30in x 100ftWW5110030BK
36in x 100ftWW5110036BK
48in x 100ftWW5110048BK
1 ½ in x 1 ½ in 12.5 Ga Core Vinyl Coated
24in x 100ftWW11511510024BK
36in x 100ftWW11511510036BK
48in x 100ftWW11511510048BK
60in x 100ftWW11511510060BK
1½ in x 1 ½ in 12.5 Ga Core Vinyl Coated
24in x 100ftWW11511510024GR
36in x 100ftWW11511510036GR
48in x 100ftWW11511510048GR
60in x 100ftWW11511510060GR
3in x 3in 11 Ga Core Vinyl Coated
36in x 100ftWW3310036BK
1/2in x 1/2in 16 Gauge Galvanized
18in x 100ftWW5510018
24in x 100ftWW5510024
1/2in x 1in 16 Gauge Galvazined
12in x 100ftWW5110012
18in x 100ftWW5110018
24in x 100ftWW5110024
30in x 100ftWW5110030
36in x 100ftWW5110036
48in x 100ftWW5110048
3in x 3in 16 Gauge Galvazined
36in x 100ftWW3310036
1 ½in x 1 ½ 12.5 & 10.5 Ga Core Vinyl Coated
Black Green & Yellow
6in x 100ftWW15151006
7.5in x 100ftWW151510075
10.5in x 100ftWW1515100105
12in x 100ftWW151510012
13.5in x 100ftWW1515100135
15in x 100ftWW151510015
16.5in x 100ftWW1515100165
18in x 100ftWW151510018
19.5in x 100ftWW1515100195
21in x 100ftWW151510021
22.5in x 100ftWW1515100225
24in x 100ftWW151510024
36in x 100ftWW151510036
43.5in x 100ftWW1515100435
48in x 100ftWW151510048
54in x 100ftWW151510054
57in x 100ftWW151510057
60in x 100ftWW151510060
63in x 100ftWW151510063
66in x 100ftWW151510066
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